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  Tuesday 11-Dec-2018
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All licences granted and issued by PPL are non-exclusive, conditional and for limited purpose and period. There is no transfer of effective title, control, possession or custody or 'right to use' of copyrights, which vests solely with the owner.

Licence for Communication to public, Public Performance of Music recordings is Mandatory.

Subject to the Copyright Act of 1957, it is mandatory for all those who play Pre-recorded music in the form of Gramophone Records, Music cassettes or CDs or Radio or TV or Audio-visual etc. for non-private purpose or in public places and/or commercial establishments and/or non-commercial establishments, to take prior licence from Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL). in respect of the repertoire its music labels. PPL owns and/or exclusively controls public performance rights in repertoire of many reputed music labels, encompassing all major Indian languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarathi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, etc. (both film and non-film music like devotional/spiritual, Ghazals, Classical, folk, Indi-pop, etc) and English/International songs. Consequently, any communication or performance of Indian or International music from Sound Recordings of PPL for non-Private purposes or in Public Places or Commercial Establishments such as Hotels, Restaurants, Cinema Halls, Discotheques etc, or non-commercial establishments such as campus without first having obtained a Licence from PPL, constitutes an Infringement of copyright under The Copyright Act of 1957. Such violation of copyright is Cognizable & Non-bailable offence, attracting heavy Penalties.

Licensing Streams

The value of music is indisputable. Music is everywhere around us: on radio and television, in films, bars, clubs, discotheques, gyms, restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping malls, concerts, fetes, festivals, airplanes and taxis. Recordings of music are manufactured, sold, and distributed on a large scale. Music is an important facet of modern life.

Radio Licence - All Private FM and Government owned Radio Stations; community radio stations. Click here for Private FM Phase 3 tariff rate and conditions.

Public Performance (Background music) Licence of sound-recordings in public (i.e. excluding domestic home and private vehicle), in the background.  A licence taken for "Background music" does not entitle the licencee to exploit the licensed sound-recordings in an event or show or concert or stage or dance-floor, etc., for which a separate/additional "Events" licence is required to be taken (see below).

A specimen template of the 'background' licence for public performance is posted here.
1. PPL Public Performane Background licence (front page)
2. PPL Public Performane Background licence (back page)

Public Performance (Events) Licence/strong> - Playing of sound-recordings in an event or show or concert or stage or dance-floor, etc. where performers perform on stage or a designated area. Explanation:- A hotel or a shopping mall which has obtained a mere "background music" licence needs to obtain separate licence for its discotheque, restaurant, lounge bar, spa/health club A hotel or shopping mall or banquet-hall or discotheque or ball-room which has obtained a mere "background music" licence needs to obtain separate licence for any Event (including shows, promotions, DJ parties, fashion shows etc.) held in its premises.

Public Performance (Storage) Licence - Temporary Storage, embodiment, transfer etc of sound-recordings. Eg storage of songs by DJs on DJ systems; storage on computer servers by aggregators, for onward transmission etc.

List Of Public Performance Licence Categories

Leisure Activities
41 Buses; video coaches 1 Discotheques, Lounge-bars, Dance-floors, etc.
42 Railway and Bus Stations 2 Music Quizzes
43Trains 4 Juke Boxes
44Aircrafts 5 Dance Teaching schools
45 Airport terminals 6 Dance Studio
46 Inland and Coastal vessels 7 Exercise, Aerobics, etc. classes / studios
    8 Amateur Opera-tic & Dramatic Societies
Offices & Shops, amusement centers Theatrical Productions (excluding Musicals)
20 Factories / Offices / Banks 10 Temporary camps / shacks
21 Waiting Rooms / Reception Area Hotels and Resorts
22 Telephone Music On Hold 11Banquet Halls
23 Puppet / Magic Shows 12Small Lodges / Guest Houses
24 Drama Theatre Halls 13Hotels
25 Cinemas; Multi-plex 14 Public Houses & Cafes (non-A/c)
26 Museum & Art Galleries 15Restaurant & Cafes
27 Bowling Centres & Alleys 48 Pubs; Bars
28 Amusement Parks    
30 Casinos Health
31 Clubs 18Clinics
32 Swimming Pool 19Nursing Homes & Hospitals
34 Spa    
35 Exhibitions Shopping & service Establishments
39 Petrol Pumps & other users 16 Shops & stores: Stand-alone and chain
   17 Beauty Parlours / Hair-dressing Salon
   47 Shopping malls
33A Events - with sponsors, tickets, title sponsors   
33B Events - without sponsors, tickets   
33D Events - Social Functions   
33E Events - College festivals   
33F Product or Brand launches   
33GRoad show   
33HSports events   
33IFashion shows   
51 DJ (disk jockey); Sound equipment service-provider   
For Public Performance Licence, please contact the facilitation/liaison counters.

Note: Refunds, if any will take minimum of 15 working days to process to your source account, subject to internal approvals. For refunds or cancellations please write to us at ppaccounts@pplindia.org

Listing of sound recordings (songs) assigned by its member music labels to PPL, for "public performance" licensing: Indian repertoire: (sorted in alphabetical order of Album title)(E&OE)

Listing of sound recordings (songs) assigned by its member music label Sony Music Part 1, Sony Music Part 2, Universal Music/Polygram/Polydor & Warner Music to PPL, for "public performance" licensing: International repertoire: (sorted in alphabetical order of Album title)(E&OE)