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  Wednesday 21-Feb-2018
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       PPL gets favourable orders against Hotels and Establishments for Christmas/New Year events: A Festive Victory

Like previous years, the High Courts especially Bombay and Madras and various other courts in India gave PPL a reason to celebrate the New Year by upholding its stand and restraining Hotels and Establishments (which include some BIG names) from playing repertoire in which PPL has ownership rights under Section of 18 and 30 of Indian Copyright Act.

PPL in its suits which are filed at the time of Christmas/New Year has requested various courts across India to prevent Hotels and establishments from using the Sound recordings belonging to PPL during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These Hotels/ Establishments organise events and make huge profits, where PPL’s extensive music Repertoire is being communicated to the Public without obtaining our license.

Courts found merit/substance in the stand of PPL and directed (interim order) Hotels/Establishments not to infringe repertoire of PPL unless they obtain prior license from PPL.

       Members may email grievance or complaint, if any, to memberesponse@pplindia.org. Thank you.

       Annual General Meeting on 26-Dec-2017:

        1. Voting Result

        2. Scrutinizer's Report


List of all music labels whose public performance rights are assigned exclusively to PPL are posted here.


A PPL licence does not entitle the licencee to exploit sound recordings not assigned to and/or controlled by PPL.



1. Mr. Shridhar Subramaniam (Chairman), representing member Sony Music.
2. Mr. Ganesh Jain, representing member Venus Worldwide.
3. Mr. Kumar Taurani, representing member Tips.
4. Mr. G.B. Aayeer, representing member Saregama.
5. Mr. Devraj Sanyal, representing member UMG.
6. Mandar Thakur (w.e.f. August 2016), representing member Times Music.