Rajat Kakar, Managing Director & CEO, PPL

Renowned for his skills at building effective teams, and with a penchant for swimming against the tide, Rajat has over three decades of work experience in Sales and Marketing at multinational companies like Asian Paints, Procter & Gamble, Sony and Universal Music

Rajat was part of the start-up team at Sony Music which transformed the entire music industry. As MD of Universal Music, he turned the company into a market leader in International Music and Indie Pop. As the Head of Sony DADC, Rajat transformed a manufacturing unit into a leader in marketing packaged entertainment media and helped the Global entity move into this vertical across multiple geographies.

Rajat’s tenure as MD and CEO of PPL, has been marked by a strong focus on ethics and values which in turn has resulted in a marked increase in revenues and a fundamental shift in the company’s mind-set towards the incorporation of technology in its everyday processes. He revamped the entire management team to include the most talented and distinguished individuals that the industry has to offer.

He loves travel and makes it a point to combine work and discovery of local cuisine and culture while visiting different places. He attributes success to his philosophy of “Giving everything in life your best shot”. He adds “Whether you succeed or fail is irrelevant, so long as you know you tried your best

Hari Nair, Chief Digital Officer, PPL

Hari Nair has over two decades of work experience, of which over ten years in the New Media space, although he began his career as a software programmer. Prior to PPL, he was the head of Digital business at Sony Music Entertainment, where he was hired to build music streaming platform Jive & responsible for digital business P&L.

As CDO at PPL, Hari primarily oversees the digital transformation of old, and archaic processes / systems into newer, faster solutions. The first such digital product was an online licensing system termed “PLUS”. This launch has been a success story for PPL. He is the revenue head for PPL’s Radio business & plays vital role in the business development for the company’s public performance division. Additionally, he is trusted with the PR & Digital Marketing strategy for the company.

Hari’s personal interests include travelling, and experiencing new cuisine. His personal philosophy that drives all aspects of his life is “The key to getting ahead in life is flexibility. Once we box ourselves into a certain mind-set, we limit our learnings and don’t try new things.”

Kunal Sarin, Vice President & Head Licensing, PPL

Widely regarded as a formidable negotiator, few could ever hope to match Kunal Sarin’s knowledge on Music Sales & Licensing. With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, he has amassed an extensive network of industry contacts and his reputation as a dynamic, results driven, and enthusiastic sales professional, has spread far and wide. He previously served as the VP and Country Head of IPRS, a role he held for 11 years.

As the head of licensing at PPL, Kunal oversees the organisation’s public performance teams, and is directly responsible for its revenues. Under his leadership, there has been a phenomenal growth in revenues.

Kunal is an avid fan of music, enjoys a good game of cricket when he gets the time, and is a strong believer in “Keeping a positive outlook on life, regardless of the situation at hand.”

Florine Pinto, Vice President Finance, PPL

A wiz with numbers, Florine Pinto is an accomplished Chartered Accountant and is well respected for her proficiency as a problem-solver, with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. She has 15 years of work experience, and is certified in IFRS.  In another life, Florine worked with hyper growth start-ups such as POKKT and Culture Machine where she streamlined and implemented processes to drive efficiencies.

As the head of Finance for PPL, she is responsible for formulating strategic plans, and implementing changes with benefit to the company’s bottom line, a task she executes with much vigour and finesse.

Florine is a music enthusiast, movie buff and a keen wanderlust. She works as a mentor to young, aspiring CA candidates, and strongly believes that “To what you want in life, you need to seize every opportunity the second you get it. Teach yourself to be impatient and be prepared to take a chance on the things you love.”