13 Hotels

Phonographic Performance Ltd.
Tariff Scheme

13 HOTELS revised w.e.f. 01.10.2010

Category of Hotel Annual Fees in Rs.
5 STAR36,000
4 STAR25,200
3 STAR16,800
2 STAR12,000

The above tariff includes playing of sound recordings / Copyrighted Music in Public Areas owned / administered by the Hotel like –
Lobbies / Lifts / Guest Rooms & Business Centre etc. Music in other area like Discotheque, Shopping Arcades, Restaurants, SPA,
Gym would require separate Public Performance License. For all events/ shows organised in the hotel premises separate License
is to be obtained. Seperate Licence to be obtained for Public Performance for music on demand. For temporary embodiment /  storage a separate Licence is required.

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