4 Juke Boxes

Phonographic Performance Ltd.
Tariff Scheme

4 Juke Boxes

When Juke box is used as an inward source for the whole area of operation i.e. when it is connected to the main system and is
audible to the entire area of operation

Fees:  As per the site of usage.

Whenever the Juke box is installed as a stand alone machine and its area of coverage is restricted & is limited to the reach of its own audio speakers.

  • Without Background Music
    This tariff should be used for premises when a juke box without a background music facility has been installed.
    Single:  Rs 4,000 per annum per Juke Box
    Multiple: Rs 3,000 per annum per Juke Box

  • With Background Music
    This tariff is applicable for premises that have a juke box with a background music facility. You may recognise this as a juke box with a facility for freeplay
    Single: Rs 6,000 per annum per Juke Box
    Multiple: Rs 4,000 per annum per Juke Box

In case if the Juke Box involves digital storage of music
In addition to the above Public Performance fees, additional charges for Temporary Storage to be paid by the equipment
supplier. (refer Temporary Storage Cost – Juke Box )

The above Licence is not valid for any Event ( eg. Shows, promotions, product launches, fashion shows, DJ parties, New Year
Events etc. ). For all events/ shows organised in the said category a separate Event License has to be obtained. For Events
Licence refer Category No. 33 ( A) & (B). Seperate Licence to be obtained for Public Performance for music on demand. For
temporary embodiment / storage a seperate Licence is required.

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