44 Aircrafts

Phonographic Performance Ltd.
Tariff Scheme

44 Aircrafts

For the public use of sound recordings solely as background music on Aircraft Where inflight entertainment is provided to passengers on an Aircraft, the fee for background music during boarding & disembarkation will be waived.

Per Aircrafts

No. of SeatsBoarding &DisembarkatiInflight Entertainment
One ChannelEvery Additional Channel
 Rs., p.a  
upto 1005000@ Rs. 2.25 per seat per dayAdd 10% of basic rate per
100 ~ 2007500Rs. 41,062 + Rs. 2 per seat per day, for
every seat more than 50
Add 10% of basic rate per
200 ~ 40010000Rs. 1,50,562 + Rs. 1.85 per seat per day,
for every seat more than 200
Add 10% of basic rate per

In case if the programs are sponsored or carry an advertisement during the program, an additional charge of 15% on the applicable
tariff would be made.

The above tariff is for Background Music only. A Background Licence is not valid for any Event ( eg. Shows, promotions, product
launches, fashion shows, DJ parties, New Year Events etc. ). For all events/ shows organised in the said category a separate Event
License has to be obtained. For Events Licence refer Category No. 33 ( A) & (B). Seperate Licence to be obtained for Public
Performance for music on demand. For temporary embodiment / storage a seperate Licence is required.

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