5 Dance Teachers

Phonographic Performance Ltd.
Tariff Scheme

5 Dance Teachers

This tariff is for dance teachers and dancing schools when sound recordings are played during dancing classes and tuition for
individual pupils. Types of dancing covered include ballroom, latin, jazz, ballet, disco, tap and other forms of contemporary

A banded tariff is used in recognition of the way in which you play sound recordings. Often these tariffs are banded according to
the numbers of people at an event or the size of the venue so that the final fee reflects the extent to which recordings are being

Aggregate of
Annual Fees in
 1 to 2000 2000
 2001 to 4000  3000
 4001 to 5000  3750

Additional annual fee of Rs. 750 for every additional aggregate annual atteance of 1,000 or part thereof

The above tariff is for Background Music only. A Background Licence is not valid for any Event ( eg. Shows, promotions, product
launches, fashion shows, DJ parties, New Year Events etc. ). For all events/ shows organised in the said category a separate
Event License has to be obtained. For Events Licence refer Category No. 33 ( A) & (B). Seperate Licence to be obtained for Public
Performance for music on demand. For temporary embodiment / storage a seperate Licence is required.

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