What is PPL

Playing music at your business? Dancing to favourite songs at your party?  – “Pay & Play”

Playing of music in public places & premises and/or by commercial and other establishments like hotels, discos, pubs, shops, stores, malls, spas, hospitals, offices, amusement parks, any form of transportation, be it air, road, or train etc. is called “Public Performance”. This also includes playing of music at events, shows, parties, social functions, with or without DJs etc.

We, Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) exclusively control “Public Performance rights” and “Radio Broadcasting rights” for 300+ music labels with more than 1.5 million international and 0.8 million domestic songs that we offer for this purpose by virtue of assignment and /or license and/or transfer of these rights to us in accordance with Sec. 18 and 30 of the Copyright Act 1957. We represent a lion’s share in Hindi and Regional (Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and many more) repertoire, and control repertoire of all International Music majors for public performance and radio. Our repertoire includes film and non-film songs in various genres like, pop, rock, EDM, dance, jazz, hip-hop, devotional, Classical etc.