Who needs a Licence

All those who play or communicate pre-recorded music (of our members) for non-private purposes or in public places or commercial establishments or commercial premises be it acoustic or visual, whether by way of Gramophone Records, Music cassette or CDs or Radio or TV or Cable network or  in any other form / technology must obtain prior licence from PPL. PPL provides annual Background License (If one plays our sound recording on a daily basis) and Event License (If one plays our sound recording for a particular event for a specified day).

Some examples for the sake of illustration (non-exhaustive list): Broadcasting (radio); and Public Performance. Examples of such Establishments in Public Performance are

  • AC Restaurants/Cafes/Non-Ac restaurants
  • Aircrafts
  • Shopping establishments
  • Lounge Bars/Pubs/Discotheques
  • Malls
  • Nursing Homes & Hospitals
  • Factories, Offices & Hospitals
  • Cinemas
  • Fashion Shows
  • Ticketed/Non-Ticketed Events
  • Sponsored/Non-Sponsored Events
  • Social Events
  • Sports Events
  • Product Launch
(The above list is illustrative and not exclusive. The exhaustive list is in Tariff Categories)